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CIS --> CS transfer mappings for SSU Jul. 26th, 2007 @ 08:32 pm
Here is what a computer programming student will be looking at when transferring to SSU:
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Apr. 27th, 2007 @ 11:46 am
SRJC office job opening for students:

position: student advisor at EOPS (Extended Opportunity Program and Services)

the job is fun - you get to meet all kinds of people, from students to vice-president. The staff is very friendly and understanding, usually it's not that busy, only in the beginning of each semester (it can be so slow sometimes, you can do your homework!)
The main duties are to greet people, to know how to use computer, be familiar with copy machine, fax and filing. I think the hardest thing here is to learn what the program is about, but it doesn't take that long, because you repeat it every time a student comes into the office

There is currently one job opening to hire a student before summer (perfect time for training). There'll be another opening later during summer

If you are interested, please, contact EOPS office (707)527-4383 or Student Employment Office (707)527-4476

The Heart Bleeds Blue Mar. 31st, 2007 @ 12:46 pm
an independant production written and directed by a JC student will have it's first run today! there will be four show times, but please try to make it and support your fellow students!

March 31st 7:00 pm
April 1st 2:00 pm
April 7 2:00pm and 7:00pm

$10.00 general admission
$8.00 students and seniors

SRJC Newman Auditorium (it's the center of emeritus buildings)

heres the trailer http://www.youtube.com/v/_qyPIWkWF1Q

To repeat a question I asked last year... Mar. 29th, 2007 @ 09:37 pm
Does anybody know the name of the band that was playing around 2:00PM today in the SR campus quad? They were rocking pretty good.
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Mar. 18th, 2007 @ 06:59 pm
I heard a rumor that we have no school tomorrow. Any truth in that?
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» Vote NO on Prop. 85!
Hey All - My name is Justin. I'm a volunteer with NO on 85, a coalition that includes Planned Parenthood, The League of Women Voters, NARAL, ACLU and others.

In case you haven't been following it, Prop 85 is an initiative that would prohibit abortions for minors in California until 48 hours after their parents have been notified. This initiative is dangerous because it would force teens from violent or otherwise abusive homes to involve their parents. And the backers of 85, like Jim Holman and Life on the Ballot, The Traditional Values Coalition and Right to Life of central CA are the same people who want to overturn Roe v. Wade and ban abortion altogether.

Prop 85 is a dangerous and misleading initiative that threatens the health and safety of California’s most vulnerable teens and a woman’s right to choose. Please, help us convince other voters to think outside their bubble and vote NO on Prop. 85!


Check out our new video, “Jane’s Journey,” that chronicles the judicial maze a scared, pregnant teen would be forced to go through if Prop. 85 passes:


Watch our Think Outside Your Bubble TV ad.


Vote NO on Prop. 85!
» Anyone heard anything about Sonoma County bus pass restrictions?
This semester, the JC and Sonoma County Transit got rid of the yellow $23 student bus pass in favor of a free blue sticker that we put on the back of our student ID cards. Keeping a twenty a month is good and not having to wait until the bookstore finally gets the new passes in on the afternoon of Wednesday the 2nd of the Month You Need It is great. However...

Yesterday, I was told by a bus driver that the sticker is not valid on weekends. The driver seemed uncomfortable even letting me on the bus on a Friday! The old bus passes were just a normal pass -- you could use them any time during the month and as many times as you wanted. I have so far had no other trouble using the blue sticker, perhaps excepting one driver who recognizes me and knows I have the sticker but always closely inspects the card as if he will today discover some error that was not there in all the previous times my credentials have been approved. But, that is a different thing from saying that the sticker, in general, is no longer acceptable.

Needless to say, if there are restrictions on when the blue sticker can be used, then it is not a replacement for the yellow pass. If that is the case, I would rather pay the $23/month. I would rather not pay the $52/month to get a 31-day pass at Raley's, but if the county stops letting me use the sticker to go to work, then I am going to have to do that since the bookstore no longer carries the yellow pass. I am sure as hell not going to quit my job to make Sonoma County Transit happy.

Has anybody else had trouble using the blue sticker to get on the bus? Does anybody know if there are formal restrictions on when and how the sticker can be used? I see nothing written on either the SRJC or Sonoma County Transit websites on the matter.

* Sidenote: waiting for the yellow passes to come in near the beginning of the month became more annoying when I started working for the County and found out we could get them a month ahead of time. It made me wonder why the bookstore waited until the last minute, since demand for the new passes should generally be starting two weeks before the month and ending a week into it.

* Sidenote the second: The transit system web site says that Raley's is supposed to offer a discounted student pass, but during the summer when both bookstores were closed at any time I could possibly get to them, I have specifically asked Raley's for a student-priced pass and shown my ID and they still charged me the full $52 for a general pass. I'm guessing they get so few requests that they aren't really trained in the procedures.
» (No Subject)
I was wondering if I could ask you all to please fill out this VERY short poll (only one question, I swear!). I'm just trying to get as many people as possible take this small poll. I would very much appreciate it.

If this isn't allowed, MODs, please feel free to delete. Cross posted.

( Follow me .. )
» (No Subject)
hey.. is anyone else doing the psych tech program at SRJC ? i'm moving up there in a few months to do it, and i'm interested in hearing people's opinions about it..
» (No Subject)

This bridal fair is coming up in 2 weeks!

It's in Santa Rosa, at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts on Jan 28th. It's supposed to be HUGE, with a ton of vendors and booths to help everyone planning their wedding figure out what they need and where to get it. Personally, I need to price the tent rental companies and also look into renting a dance floor. I'm not going to mind sampling the cakes from different bakeries, either!

I highly recommend anyone in this area check it out. I'm bringing 4 of my bridesmaids and also the girl who is marrying us. It's going to be a blast. More details are at: http://winecountrybride.com/. I'm already preregistered. :)
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